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Production values are values that appeal, they represent a certain quality. The visual value of todays production is portrayed through color saturation, sound, contrast, hyped-up colours, expectations of looks from magazines and products. These values can be equalled to those of gems and diamonds they are shiny and glossy.
By taking these values away I look at what elements are left from my showreel. This draws my attention to how important a role sound plays in a cinematic piece.

See real version of showreel


What do the terms creative and being creative mean nowadays? Have they not lost their meanings through their overuse? Do they not situate themselves in realms that are no longer concerned with the imaginative intellect? Has creativity not just become a business? Means to make money? An industry?
Due to saturation of the use of this word creativity has become anything but creative. This notion can definitely be backed up by the increase of ‘creative’ jobs on the job market. Most of these offers demand that the candidate must know a multitude of different ‘creative’ software’s, but there is little concerns in whether the individual is creative or not. This brings me to ask how I and my work are to fit in into this big mechanic wheel of ‘creativity’? Faqihi joka 28/07/09

Faqihi Joka : Swahili Land Art
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