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Sound synthesis

In timeless zone and journey I used the sound recorded on an old digital Sony hand held camera to create ‘soundscapes’. After playing with time I started to discover different harmonic frequencies, creating delays that desynchronize the sound with the image. The high pitched harmonics tend to die out faster whilst the lower harmonics drone on for longer lapses. This desynchronization puts the image and the sound in two separate spaces, the space of the image is linear, but the space of the sound is non-linear; this space seems to have different elements that progress within time. By doing so the ‘soundscapes’of these cinematic pieces provoke a vibrant feeling of harmony but also an ambiguous feeling of temporal-disorientation and unease.

In opposition to the two ‘soundscapes’ pieces, the nature of the soundtracks grain and durational are less of a paradox. These two melodic soundtracks function to create a feeling of sentimentality and sensitivity. They are made to accompany two pieces that deal with issues of memories and historical identity. The upbeat or downbeat tempos bring across feelings of melancholy and happiness from past events.

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