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Music by Van Hai's Radiohead "Nude" Remix
My father sent me a series of photographs a few months ago, yet again as a tryptique. The three pictures are of me as a child at the age of five or six. I am flying a kite alone in the middle of a field in Swaledale, Yorkshire. The first one is of a profile of me, the second is taken from my point of view and the third from far away as a speck in the middle of nowhere, the kite and me, two specks.
There is something about these set of images I cannot yet pin point, that is why I have chosen them as ‘problematic images’. It might just be the fact that I don’t really know why or think I know why my father sent me these images or maybe it’s just the fact that I can’t remember ever having seen these pictures before, let alone remembering the actual event at the time. I would like to turn these still timeless images into something durational, something I can see within a space and on time.
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